Real-time Precise Positioning - GEO-RTK

GEO-RTK is a real-time precise positioning service via network of permanent GNSS stations, which provide accuracy in absolute position within 2 centimeters, anywhere, anytime, with only single receiver and network data corrections.

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The process of surveying:

  • The reference network stations continuously receive data from satellites and forward them to a central server with data processing software installed (Trimble GPS NET).
  • The software decides the ambiguity in the network, generates corrections and send them to rovers.
  • Rovers connect to the server via radio, GSM or Internet connection to obtain real-time corrections and calculates the position within few centimeters, using the algorithm set out in the software.

Technical data:

Maximum accuracy: 2cm

Data Format: RTCM 2.3, RTCM 3.0,CMR+/-, Leica

Access: GPRS / NTRIP Protocol

Navigation system: GPS+GLONASS

Data obtained in the DGPS mode can be used for:

  • Geodetic surveying.
  • Cadastral surveying.
  • Construction of buildings, roads and installations.
  • Building and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines.
  • Machine guidance and management.
  • Utility sector.