Enhanced GNSS solutions from Zenit-Geo

"Zenit-Geo" is privately held innovative company, offering advanced GNSS network solutions and precise positioning. The company has installed a network of 30 permanent GNSS reference stations covering the entire territory of Bulgaria. The network, named "GeoNet", is owned and operated exclusively by "Zenit-Geo".

Main priorities of Zenit-Geo are to supply quality, reliable and affordable geodetic services, based on GNSS systems, which can be applied in construction and design of buildings, road construction, pipelines, installations, cadastre and boundary surveying, GIS, research and development of natural resources, seismology and geodynamic.

"GeoNet" is the only network in Bulgaria, providing countrywide coverage by receiving and processing signals from U.S. satellite system GPS (Global Positioning system) and Russian GLONASS.

The network is built with the latest generation Infrastructure CORS receivers - Trimble NetR5 and Trimble NetR8. Data is received and stored in control center, where is processed and ready for end users.