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Demonstration of Caterpillar system AccuGrade

2009-10-12 16:27 by ГеоНет

On 22.10.2009 in the village of Kolena, Stara Zagora was held a demonstration of Caterpillar system for precise profiling - AccuGrade ®. GEO-RTK GNSS corrections rendered by GeoNet service were used during the demonstration.

Participation at the International Technical Fair

2009-10-09 14:35 by ГеоНет

GNSS network GeoNet was presented at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv (28.09. - 03.10. 2009).

Each visitor received free trial account to access services rendered by the network.

Annual seminar in Plovdiv

2009-10-02 12:30 by ГеоНет

GeoNet's team participated in the annual seminar, organized by the Union of Surveyors in the town of Plovdiv, entitled "New Technologies and geodetic instruments". At the seminar was presented a network of permanent GNSS stations - "GeoNet " and were offered its services. Network capabilities of "GeoNet" were also demonstrated.

GNSS reference network

2009-06-11 12:35 by ГеоНет

Zenit-Geo developed its own project for permanent GNSS reference network, which aims to cover the whole territory of Bulgaria.

The infrastructure project is one of the first in Eastern Europe, which was entirely initiated and developed by a private company. The project aims improving the quality of survey measurements, and providing better access for consumers to the latest innovations in the field of GNSS technology.

The network consists of 30 reference stations, as the average length of the chord between them is about 74 kilometers.

Zenit-Geo chose Trimble

2009-06-11 12:35 by ГеоНет

Zenit - Geo chose Trimble, USA as supplier of the equipment, used in building of the permanent reference network.

GNSS receivers are Trimble NetR5 and NetR8 - latest generation reference stations, working with all existing navigation systems at this time.

Antennas are Zephir Geodetic 2, which adopt the new civil GPS frequency L5 and ensure significant reduction of the effect of “multipath”.